Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gracie, too funny!

Gracie was talking to Hanna and I as Hanna was putting on new earrings. She leaned forward and said, "Let me see them, oh they're so small, I guess I'll need my glasses to see them better:)" She doesn't wear glasses, but I do. Must say that an awful lot:) Then she was chatting with Ava at Hanna's soccer game about how much she loved her Barbie. She said, "This is my favorite Barbie, she is so beautiful. She is my very favorite, seriously Ava, she is my very favorite." As if Ava didn't believe her and "seriously" it is:) She is so cute and saying the funniest things ever.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gracie's BDay 2009

Gracie's 4th Birthday! We had a little backyard party! We had a bounce

house, sprinkler and swimming! Gracie loved it! I even made her cake myself! It was a whirlwind few days. Party, Disneyland and home within 48 hours! too fun!

First Day of School. Morgan has Mrs. Roach 5th Grade, Hanna has Mrs. Thompson 4th Grade and Gracie has Mrs. Lisa preschool! I can't believe how big my little bugs are getting! They grow up too fast! I love being a mom:)

Gracie at Disneyland:)

We took Gracie and the girls to Disneyland for her Birthday! It was an awesome day! Gracie loved being the center of attention. She loved meeting all the princesses! She was definitely star struck:) Grandma Fabrizio took us to Goofies Kitchen for Dinner. Gracie was a Ham! She kept yelling to the characters, "I'm over here, its my birthday:)" She was completely in her element! She danced with the characters and loved every minute! She enjoyed all the rides, but loved TOON Town! She keeps saying the Tea Cups were her favorite ride. Guess she loves the spinning! Thanks Connie, for taking her on them. Grandma Fabrizio and I don't have the stomach for the spinning rides. We stayed from 1030 in the morning til 1030 pm! It was a fun filled day, one neither one of us will forget!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Day at Snowbird

We went up to Snowbird for the day. This is one of our favorite family activities each summer. It's a great way to get out of the heat and have fun! Joe rode the bull. He was certain he would last quite a while and was thrown quickly.
We took the peruvian chair lift up and saw a couple of moose on the way. Once we got to the top Joe had a fabulous idea to hike off the beaten trail. I think my legs still hurt from hiking the line! I was a bit nervous because it was straight up on one side of us and straight down on the other. Joe just might be a little more adventurous than I am, especially with kids in tote.
Okay, maybe I was a little adventurous. I did strap into the voluntary "wedgy"! I even did a few back flips! The kids were cheering me on, until they saw the other three teenagers showing me up! Then the three teenagers kept asking for more time! I thought I was going to have a coronary!
I rode the mechanical bull! Whew! That was a funny one. When I went to jump on it for the first time, I flew over the top to the other side. Everyone in line was laughing. Then when I finally got back on, my pants would pull down when the bull went up and I nearly mooned the entire snowbird community! It was a comedy of errors!
Hanna loved climbing the wall! She's a natural spiderwoman!

Gracie and Morgan venturing the wall together! It was too cute!

They wouldn't let Gracie ride the bull, but she was satisfied with sitting on it! She's my little daredevil!
On the Tram after our bazillion mile "leisure" hike! Joe, I'm not hiking with you anymore!

Morgan on the bull! He showed me how it's really done!

The Alpine Slide! We raced several times, I never won. Gracie kept on insisting she "ride alone". It was our last a final ride when we realized she needed to be 7 to ride alone! Oops, sorry, she loved it!
The Fabrizio family at the top of the world! So beautiful! Gracie was so funny. On the lift up to the alpine slide she asked if she could go on the Zip Line. I told her she was too little. She needed to weigh 75lbs to go on it, so she needed to be bigger. She then proceeded to point and ask if random individuals were "fat" enough to ride the Zip Line!
Morgan on the trampoline! He did a back flip! It wasn't easy, but he did it!
Funny story about Morgan: Driving in the car and stopped at a light. Morgan spots a jogger jogging in place and asks, "Mom, why is he doing that?" I told him because he was jogging and didn't want to stop while he waited for the light to change. He thought a minute and said, "Mom, why are joggers skinny?" and I replied, "Because they jog." Quietly he thought again, then said, "Mom, then why aren't you skinny?" Only through the mouths of babes, eh?

Gracie and Hanna harnessing in for the marathon jump (at least it was for me)!

Me , My Mom, Gracie, Hanna and Autumn at the Oquirrih Temple Open House! It was wonderful! What a perfect girls day out! This has been a great summer! I am blessed with much, especially loved ones!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The fourth of July at Centerville Park with the cousins! It was wonderful! The kids walked in the Children's Parade, then we listened to the music in the park and watched fireworks! Okay, I left early and walked Gracie home in the wagon! We laid in her bed and watched both Centerville and NSL fireworks! Fun! Morgan in his element! He was so excited this year to get together with the Fabrizio's and light fireworks! He looks up to his older cousins! He loves having Mike, Jack, Henry and Charlie around! Morgan and Charlie put on quite a show!
Grandpa Olsen announcing at the Parade! Hanna loved being up there with him! She was quite the little helper!

Gracie, Phillip and Anthony at the parade! Gracie and Phillip loved getting candy. In fact, they ran in front of the old cars to get a few! That's when Gracie got to sit by Mom!

Morgan, Hanna and Gracie in the Children's parade! They are the best kids!
We went boating up at Pineview! The first time out Morgan took Josh Pinnock! They were so funny and had a ball! Morgan knee boarding below.
The funniest ever! The kids would climb on the tube face front and Joe would take them for a wild ride! We were laughing so hard! Hanna and Morgan barely hung on!

He was a bit more mild for Gracie and Hanna, but we soon found out that Gracie is the biggest daredevil of all. No fear for this girl!

Hanna took her friend Shayla Hansen the next week. They had a ball! Fun memories!

So much to write about! We've been busy this summer! We've spent time up at the cabin fourwheeling. Hanna and Gracie are both getting better at it and loving it. Morgan has taken Joe's 4x4 fourwheeler over and is obsessed with dirt bikes or anything else with a motor!
This was too cute. Hanna and Autumn used left over decorations from Autumn's Aunt's wedding and made a pretend wedding for Gracie and Autumn's cousin Gracyn. He was in love! He kept hugging and kissing her. Gracie participated, but not completely willing. They threw lei's for flowers, had music and Autumn preformed the ceremony. They even danced to "their song". Later that night Gracie, Morgan and Hanna started throwing up, sorry Gracyn!

Morgan's team the D-back's ended up taking 3rd place! They were a great team and group of kids! Thanks Coach Gibbs!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, I'm finally giving into the pressure of updating my blog! It has been a while! I started and completed an entire semester of school (15 credit hours) and got my second 4.0! Yeah Why couldn't I be this good earlier on? I have the summer off, so I haven't been as busy, but I have slacked in the blogging.
This spring we spent a lot of time snowmobiling! It has been a blast. Morgan sold his PSP and put the money towards his Dad's old sled to be his own and Joe bought a new one. We went up to our cabin and anywhere else. Hanna accidentally drove over and broke one of the helmets. Gracie's just in it for the ride.
Hanna had a Birthday in Feb. She turned 9! She is such a great kid! We had a High School Musical PJ party! The kids had a ball. Hanna loves anything High School Musical, Webkinz, Jonas Bro's and pre teen anything else!

We took Gracie to Kmart on a date! She's found she likes the toys in the front almost as well as Lagoon!! She is such a funny and fun kid! Life is good, we're keeping busy. Morgan in baseball, Hanna in soccer and all of them in swimming lessons! Joe just rebid his shift and is working doubles again!! yipee (two days of 16 hour days and one regular 8)! He loves this because it gives him 4 days off a week. We can't complain! We are blessed with much! Until next time!